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You love Kabula so much that you can't wait for our next project?
Totally reasonable. We have two new projects in the pipeline!


In our upcoming game, players compete as dead souls inside a pyramid, fighting to take control over sacred areas and and trying to make their hearts as light as possible.

With the resources in the pyramid, only one can make it to the Afterlife!

Nonetheless, you are dead. You will only perform actions through your scarab troops!


Scarab Sands is a highly competitive, fast paced game. Simple rules, lots of strategical choices.  You can join our discord channel if you are interested in taking part in our weekly playtesting!

Dark Waters (WIP name),  we have tons of material for this game and still it is too early stage to reveal too much. It is a story driven coop campaign based on a dark world. The main resource for the game is "time" itself and we are working on a deep narrative to engage our players. Possibly some fun moment, but not as light-hearted as our other titles. It will have enough crunch to keep you hooked but turns that resolve quickly and a streamlined system to upscale difficulty. You can expect a high level of customization, loot, crafting and epic twists!

We are also working on comics based on the same IP, so that you can see if you like it before diving in with a game. First release will be before the end of the year!


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