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Once upon a time, a group of friends with a disturbed imagination thought to share the board game they played with the rest of the world.


This is the team and and all the collaborating artists.




Founder / Main Designer / Project Manager

Born in Palermo, game designer, engineer and musician. Antonio created the first prototype of Kabula in January 2016: it all happened in 2 days when, stuck in bed with a stiff neck, he had no way of doing anything else. Not the best start. The game was far from great, still several people fell in love with its odd personality and epic feel.

Carefully tended to, Kabula evolved slowly for a few years. In the meanwhile Antonio finished his PhD in bioengineering and co-founded a spin-off in Edinburgh, learning about product development, manufacturing and business.


In April 2020 he left his job to dedicate himself to the single proposition of delivering the best game possible. Over uncountable rounds of in-house and public playtesting, the game is maturing over our imagination and Antonio is still committed to this goal and working hard to achieve it!

(update to 2024, Antonio is broke and a bioengineer again, but Kabula is out and new games are in the making wuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuu!!



Executive Vice-President of Global Token Operations

Born in Madrid (Spain) Miguel spent his first 25 years on earth always feeling a deep wide empty hole in his soul which he could not explain. This hole was finally filled by Antonio when they met while doing their PhD together in Edinburgh.


After putting together a band and recording an album, Miguel felt another Antonio-shaped hole inside him. That's when Antonio revealed that he was working on developing a board game and Miguel begged him to fill him up again.


When Miguel is not wasting his time managing bioengineering research facilities in London, he spends his time troubleshooting and providing ideas for game mechanics, design and general stupidity. He is not very useful but we like to have him around.

Immagine di iOS.jpg


Concept Artist / Item Illustrator

Picasso claimed: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Not to lose his love for drawing, cultivated since childhood, Dario decided to hold the pencil and undertake the challenge of the "Kabula". Initial work is a tablet computer, a digital pen and a lot of imagination, but the future goal is to raise the standards to make each illustration a "small masterpiece"!

The reason why Dario would recommend playing Kabula lies in the fact that the game offers the possibility of experiencing different adventures, often unexpected, thanks to the “encounters” cards.



Game Programmer

Kyriakos has spent countless hours playing board games, scrolling through Kickstarter and various forums to see what new game he can back. He is also very prone to buying miniatures making his wallet cry even more. 


Born in Limassol, left the sunshine for the rain to live and study in Edinburgh but his love for board games never left. Introduced to Kabula early on when it was still in Italian but was not willing to learn a new language to play it. The game description captivated his interest from the start.


Once the game was translated into English, he has since been helping with the development to make Kabula even more awesome. Making a board game was always in the back of his mind, so when Kabula came along it meant that he could finally take part in shaping. one.



Marketer / Golf Ball Finder

Called "Bondo" by friends, a nickname that has nothing to do with James Bond, but which derives from the Italian word "Vagabondo" (i.e. vagabond). Serial troublemaker, heavy smoker, easy to rant. But he also has flaws, such as a degree in Economics. 


Strong of his experience as a Marketing Manager in an advertising agency in Palermo, he is now deeply committed to give Kabula the best of launches. 


Mario has been playing Kabula since its first draft, deeply hating it. Then he understood how to play, now he loves it. If in the game you find a card you find disturbing, Mario probably wrote them. 


Rodolfo Tinapay

3D Modeler

Rod is a Visual Effects Supervisor and 3D sculptor from Philippines, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He took on the job for Kabula during the summer of 2020 and has not stopped surprising us since then with his incredible talent and creativity!


Blanka Sőre

Monster illustrator

An amazingly talented concept artist and illustrator from Hungary, Blanka is working on the bulk of our monster production...and what a job she's doing :) We are proud to have her on board and you should definitely check out the rest of her art!


Maxime Minard


We are blessed to have Maxime as illustrator for our box artwork and some of our monsters! He managed to fill the World we are building with all shades of feeling/personality, it makes you wonder where monster ends and human begins :)


Wirawan Pranoto

Illustrator for Jessika

In Kabula, each character can develop in 3 possible ways. Wirawan did an amazing job in depicting Jessika's personalities, from a bloodthirsty cannibal to a peaceful nature lover!



Illustrator for Isolde

A digital artist from Thailand, Aqritz worked on the 3 illustrations for Isolde's personalities, giving a face to the most loved mother warrior in the history of boardgames (that we know of!). You can visit his gallery for more of his work!


Don Suratos

Illustrator for Clayton

Don is a multiple Mecha Scale Modelling Champion but also a Digital and Traditional Illustrator, Graphics Artist and Visual Artist! He did a great job in making the 3 illustrations for Clayton, and you can check the link to see some of his broad artistic production!


Ferdinand Ladera

Map Illustrator

Ferdinand D. Ladera has been a concept and illustrator artist for many years with experience working for companies such as EA, Naughty Dog and Ubisoft. Ferdinand owns a lot of recognition and awards in various website organization and publications for his excellence in digital arts.

Kabula Map v2.jpg

Alessandro Sireus

Illustrator for Zack

Alessandro is a Digital and Traditional Illustrator, Graphics Artist and painter! He did a great job in making the 3 illustrations for Zack, and you can check the link to see some of his broad artistic production!

Zack 00 350.jpg
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